Ground-mounted vs Roof-mounted solar systems

Ground-mounted vs Roof-mounted solar systems Residential Solar systems are now a common sight on Australian roofs; this means that when most people think about solar, we imagine panels mounted on roofs generating energy for the homeowner. However, there are some cases where individuals cannot install solar panels on their roofs or have access to a …

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Bifacial Solar Panels

Bifacial Solar Panels The solar industry is worth almost half a trillion dollars internationally, with hundreds of companies fighting over market share and hoping to claim the top spot. These companies’ primary way to one-up each other is through innovation and improvement on their products, predominantly panels and inverters. One of the recent innovations that …

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Solaredge Energy Hub: Everything you need to know

In 2020 SolarEdge introduced the SolarEdge EnergyHub Inverter, the newest and most powerful home inverter. The Energy Hub is the correct combination of the capability of all current inverters from SolarEdge to have a future-proof solution that enables additional SolarEdge home energy products, ranging from home battery supports to Level 2 Smart EV Chargers, to …

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Five types of clean energy sources: the best fossil-fuel alternatives

Solar and wind power are two examples of renewable energy sources becoming more popular around the world. You can produce renewable energy in a variety of ways. These fossil-fuel options will play a much more significant role in our power generation mix in the years ahead. Renewable energy sources Renewable energy sources are energy sources …

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Solar panels

SOLAR PANELS Over the last decade, solar technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in efficiency and affordability. However, despite this multitude of improvements, the basic construction of solar panels has remained the same since their invention. These components are: Silicon Solar Cells Aluminium framing Tempered glass Eva Encapsulant Plexiglass backing Junction box There are …

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stc australia hawking


Small scale technology certificates When our designers speak to customers that have only recently started pursuing solar, there is one topic that comes up more frequently than anything else, the Government rebate on solar. In this post, I’ll outline the history of the Government STC scheme and highlight how it helps Australian households to install …

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