Commercial Solar

Installing solar power on your office or place of business is a smart choice, as like most investments, solar will pay itself back and you may be able to claim the GST and/or depreciate the assest as well. Contact one of our commercial solar specialists today to find out more.

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Small Commercial Solar Power System

This can be any smaller size business from the local corner shop to a small design office or sole trader. At Hawking we can tailor a package to will fit with your small business and create real savings so that you can spend your money on more important things like new equipment or advertising your business. After all, wouldn’t you prefer the money back in your pocket?

Medium Commercial Solar Power System

These sizes are generally in the 5-30kW system size category

Large Commercial Solar Power System

From 30kW+ systems ranging to 1MW projects, we have the expertise and the resources available to make any project into a reality.

From standardized roof types to specialised custom roof profiles and 20 story high rises, at Hawking Electrical we have experience and technical know-how to get solar installed safely and correctly. Since 1990 we have been involved in commercial electrical contracting works throughout South-East Queensland