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Solar panels

SOLAR PANELS Over the last decade, solar technology has advanced in leaps and bounds in terms of efficiency and affordability. However, despite this multitude of improvements, the basic construction of solar panels has remained basically the same since their invention. These components are: Silicon Solar Cells Aluminum framing Tempered glass Eva Encapsulant Plexiglass backing Junction …

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Why should I look at a larger system?

Why should I look at a larger system When I started working in the solar industry I was bombarded by a cavalcade of numbers. System sizes ranged from 1 to 40 kW and there was no direct correlation between usage and size that would work for every property. As I have become more familiar with …

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Optimizers Solar Panel Hawking


What are Optimizers? When most people think of a solar system, the two main components that come to mind are the solar panels and the inverter. A few years ago, this was essentially all that made up a standard solar system, however as solar technology has improved, many companies have developed products that enhance and …


shading solar panel

Solar Panel Shading

Shading In Australia, we are spoilt with good weather. All year round, the sun shines, and the temperature never drops below ideal surfing conditions. Because of this, we are perfectly suited to solar energy production, with few things affecting optimal production. However, the Photovoltaic effect that produces electricity from the sun has one weakness: no …

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Should you install a solar battery

Should You Install Solar Battery Over the last decade, there has been an explosion in innovation within solar space. Both panels and inverters have massively increased inefficiency and capacity, allowing customers to produce much more power than ever before. During this period of growth, there is one piece of technology that has somewhat been left …

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STC When our designers speak to customers that have only recently started pursuing solar, there is one topic that comes up more frequently than anything else, the Government rebate on solar. In this post, I’ll outline the history of the Government STC scheme and highlight how it helps Australian households to install solar on their …

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How Green Is Solar

How Green Is Solar As we as a species have recognized the importance of sustainable energy production, Solar energy has become highly prominent worldwide as a green way to produce energy. The adoption and evolution of solar technology have been a huge step in the right direction for the green movement. Unfortunately, aspects of solar …

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Dusting On Solar Panels

Dust On Solar Panels Solar panels are not overly complex devices while operating. Once the highly complicated manufacturing process is completed, solar panels require very little upkeep in order to continuously function in a suitable environment. Because of this fact, many customers tend to forget about these panels once they are on their roof and …

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Cheap Solar Panels

CHEAP SOLAR Cheap Solar Panels – If you have done any level of research into solar within the Australian market, you would have seen advertisements for systems that seem too good to be true. These systems promise a quality product for approximately half the price of systems quoted by established solar installers, as well as …

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