Portable Solar Panels

Solar Panels: How Portable Are They?

In Australia, solar panels for homes and businesses have become very popular. As more residents profit from financial benefits that reduce the cost of solar systems, whole neighborhoods are being decorated with them. However, one gap is yet to be filled: the ease with which solar panels can be transported. Before now, that is.
Portable solar panels are just as their name implies: they are lightweight solar panels that you can carry along with you. Their low power production is one “disadvantage,” but they are designed to power small appliances on the go. Nonetheless, portability is the most important feature; the panels come in various sizes, Even the largest, though, can be transported in a standard vehicle.

Portable Solar Panels Cost

Portable solar panels can be purchased as part of a kit containing the Solar Panels and all required accessories. A small panel kit can cost about $200, but the price can increase as the production increases. The large panels will cost about $400, which is not bad given the benefits of those panels. Furthermore, there are no maintenance costs because washing the Solar Panels is as simple as dusting them. There are no installation costs, giving these panels a significant benefit over traditional household roof panels.

Portable Solar Panel Advantages

Portable solar panel kits have many main features that differ them as premium quality products:

  • They are fully waterproof, including the solar charge controller, to work in any environment.
  • Folding monocrystalline solar panels are made of high-efficiency solar cells.
  • The protective bag that comes with the kit is a durable protective case with a layer of foam that protects the frame and glass from accidental damage.
  • For optimum performance, an advanced, fully automatic charge controller offers total overcharge safety and supports several battery types with different charging parameters.
When going outdoors and needing electricity to power appliances, portable solar panels are perfect. their small size makes them easy to transport; a 12v portable solar panel package is about the size of a briefcase, making it convenient to store. They often have a lower power capacity, ranging from 80 to 120W, based on the size. A stand, solar charge controller, 5m cable, and storage case are included with these packages and anything required to charge the battery pack.

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Solar energy has many benefits, and if you have chosen to invest in solar panels but are unsure which type to choose, we are here to help you.

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