Seven Appliances to keep an eye on this Summer!

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Seven appliances that coulD be costing you money this summer!

Summer is on its way, and for many Australians, that will mean a large power bill hitting their inbox sooner rather than later. While the power company does not exactly break down where your power is being used, there are a couple of common trends that commonly contribute to heightened usage in many homes. While solar power is the most effective way to reduce your bill to zero, here is a list of the appliances to keep an eye on this summer to protect yourself from a nasty surprise down the road.

Air Conditioning

This one seems obvious; everybody loves the feeling of walking into an airconditioned room during summer. While this may seem like a luxury in many parts of the world, anyone that has lived through a Queensland summer can tell you that air-conditioning is worth its weight in gold whenever the mercury sky-rockets. Even when keeping the temperature at 24 degrees, you will still be looking at a significate increase in power usage, no matter how efficient your system is.


Another necessity in every household, fridges and freezers are also massive power sinks, with the average modern 600L fridge costing the average Australian around $130 every year. It isn’t possible to turn your fridge off to save power, but it is possible to make sure that you go with an energy-efficient model the next time you need to replace it. Also, keep an eye out for any deterioration around the seal, as this can lead to your fridge working much harder to keep things cool.


This appliance maintains a pretty steady level of usage all year round. Still, if you plan on entertaining over the holidays, the last thing you want to consider is the power cost of using this essential appliance.

Washing machines and dryers

Whether kids sports are starting back up or the summer storms have drenched your clothesline, many households see a massive increase in usage of both of these appliances during the summer months. Dryers are especially notorious for using vast amounts of power, but both of these appliances average at least $100 worth of power usage annually, much more if they are older models.

Computers and monitors

This is an appliance that has hugely increased its usage in many households over the last year thanks to the advent of working from home, but these gadgets may be using even more power than you initially thought! Many computers, laptops and monitors are quite energy-efficient but have settings that keep them on standby 24/7, meaning they are constantly pulling power. Even a tiny amount of energy can always add up over time and is unavoidable if you keep your computer up to date.


Thanks to the advent of energy-efficient bulbs, this has become much less of a power sink in recent years. However, they are still a significant user of power all year round. Making sure only to turn on lights when they are being used is the best practice to mitigate usage. Lighting usage doesn’t spike in summer thanks to longer days, but it is still an everyday expense that would be better to avoid altogether!

Hot water systems

Hot water systems are massive users of power all year round but typically decrease cost over the summer thanks to the increased heat. Even with this lower usage, these systems are still responsible for around 15% of your annual use on average.

The secret to using these appliances guilt-free?

A well designed solar system should be able to bring your electricity bills down to zero all year round! While it requires an initial investment, a quality solar system takes only a few years to pay for itself and then generates for up to 25 years! If you are ready to take back your power from the electricity providers, feel free to contact one of our experienced solar designers below!

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