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Solar PV is the technical name for Solar Power. The term “photovoltaic” comes from the Greek φῶς (phōs) meaning “light”, and from “volt”, the unit of electro-motive force, the volt, which in turn comes from the last name of the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta, inventor of the electrochemical cell battery.

Whether you are considering Solar Power because you want to reduce electricity costs or improve your lifestyle. Maybe you just want to support renewable energy and the environment, the argument for solar power is very compelling. It’s true, solar can make you money, by saving you money. However you do need to make the right choices about product, supplier, long-term support and if in fact it will work with your energy use patterns.

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Solar Panel Size

Believing it is as simple as picking the size of a solar system based on other peoples experience and then hunting the cheapest price. Some consumers go for the cheapest priced solar system and invariably that’s what they end up with. As you would know, cheap cost upfront can mean ”you will only get what you pay for”. Something has to give to get the price down! You need a balance of quality product, quality installation and long-term support at a competitive price. If the Solar Power system has been designed correctly around your usage patterns, the return on investment varies only slightly between cheap and moderate pricing. However, the long term difference can be huge.

Solar Panel & Invertor Type

Focusing primarily on the brand of solar panels and inverters and believing the various hype between this panel and that panel. Then once comforted with a good sales story, returning the focus to price.
Tier One fully integrated manufacturing companies all make quality solar panels with very little difference in output performance between them over the first few years.
Your focus should be on:
Are they Tier 1 and how were they imported?
Are they suited to hot Australian conditions, as such is their NOCT (Normal Operating Cell Temperature) 45 degrees or below? What is their power loss co-efficient?
Most importantly how long has the importer and the retailer been operating? Your warranty

Our Workmanship Quality

Overlooking detail on workmanship and the quality of installation materials.
As Master Electricians we are often called to customer homes where the solar company that sold the system is now out of business. The sub-standard work, short cuts, poor quality materials we see, from what should have been CEC qualified installers, is sometimes appalling.
The system was never going to last 10 years and in some cases could never have been working properly.
DON’T BUY from bulk solar sales companies! You’re just another number. Use a local Gold Coast company that are Master Electricians. Also careful consideration about your usage patterns and seasonal requirements now and in the future will maximize your returns

Did you know? The solar panel module efficiency that so many sales people talk about has nothing to do with output performance!

Here at Hawking Solar we have heard all the rumors, stories and false information from other solar companies.

We know how to cut through the spin and give you the right solar power solution at the right price.