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At Hawking Electrical & Solar, we understand that there are now tens of thousands of people in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales, that have installed solar power systems on their roofs over the last 5 years. Every single solar power system will require solar repairs at some stage during normal operation. So, even though there are warranties in place from a manufacturer, these warranties do not cover events like storm damage, lightning strikes and animals nesting or chewing cables on the roof.

If you have been affected by a storm or feel like your system is not working very well please call us today on 07 5502 0735 to have one of our highly trained and Clean Energy Council Accredited Solar Electricians inspected your solar power system. Delamination of Solar Panels can occur after time in the sun, but generally only occurs on cheaper solar modules when the EVA glue used breaks down under the UV light from the sun. It can also occur due to poor quality manufacturing process and quality control. The video on the right shows a 2 year old, Australian, solar installation where 4 out of 6 panels installed have begun to delaminate. This is a serious fire hazard and electrically unsafe. Buying cheap solar panels means the quality control that the more expensive brands use, just isn’t being done to standard, and the manufacturers are cutting corners to save money. We suggest, rather than getting the cheapest, biggest system that you can afford, perhaps get the best quality system that you can afford. Otherwise you end up paying twice for something you could have done once

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We Repairs Such As

  • Solar Panel repairs Brisbane
  • Solar Panel repairs Gold Coast
  • Solar Inverter repairs Brisbane
  • Solar Inverter repairs Gold Coast
  • Solar Inverter replacement Brisbane
  • Solar Panel replacement Gold Coast
  • DC Isolator replacements
  • Solar Power inspections Brisbane
  • Solar Power inspections Gold Coast
  • Full Solar Power System Audits and 30 point safety checks
  • Solar Power System insurance work

So if you need any of these solar repairs performed at your home or business please contact us today on our contact page or by calling 07 5502 0735. If you can’t get through please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Cleaning Your Solar Power System

Generally, the solar panels clean themselves during rainy weather. However, a layer of dust can form if there is a prolonged dry spell or in particularly dusty environments. This could reduce the amount of energy produced by the solar power system. You may see others advertise losses of up to 25% or more but really it depends on the system location and length since last clean.

This photo shows the difference between a clean module and around 1-year of dust/dirt accumulation.

Do not climb on the roof to clean the solar panels, as you could fall if not correctly trained and equipped for the task. Use a qualified person to clean your solar panels.

Do not use any chemical cleaning products on the surface of the solar panels. Particular care must be taken to ensure all electric components, such as cables, connectors, generator junction boxes etc. remain dry.


Basic Solar Power System Maintenance Tips

Because they have no moving parts, solar modules are extremely reliable, with an expected life span of around 25 years. However, adhering to the following points will help keep your system as efficient as possible;

  • The inverter should be kept clean and free of dust at all times
  • Keep an eye out for vegetation that may in future shade the solar panels
  • Check the LED green light is solid on the front of the inverter regularly as the indicate whether the solar system is working
  • An annual inspection & maintenance check of your system is recommended. Please us on 07 5502 0735 to arrange an inspection

The owner of a system must NOT undertake maintenance of a system other than simple cleaning. If you believe the solar power system requires maintenance or is not functioning please contact us immediately.

Solar System Maintenance Timetable

Once a week:

  • Check inverter is operating.
  • Check inverter is recording exported energy.

Every 3 months:

  • Check for panel shading, as shading reduces performance.
  • Check for tree litter behind panels and framing.
  • Check for build up of dust or bird droppings.

Every year:

  • Have Hawking Electrical & Solar System performance and maintenance check.

Any work on your system is required to be carried out by a licensed electrician accredited by the Clean Energy Council to work on Solar Power Systems. Please note that your installation warranty is voided if work is carried out after installation by anyone other than our installation team, as we cannot be sure work has been carried out to our high standards.

The solar power system must be shut down before commencing any electrical work or building works, which may come in to contact with its electrical cables. All signage and warning labels must be observed.

Should you need any of the above please contact us on 07 5502 0735